Right-On Trailer Ruff Sport Trailer Review

ruff sport kayak trailer with bikes and kayaks loaded

Here we’ll be taking you through a look at yet another winning trailer from Right-On Trailer. The Right-On Trailer Ruff-Sport Trailer beats most of its competition thanks to the galvanized steel frame, superior manufacturing standards, and broad roof rack accessory support.

Add in the sturdy frame, soft springs and fold-up locking tongue stand and you’ve got a trailer whose value far exceeds its price point. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights, features, and drawbacks of this outstanding kayak trailer which also doubles as transport for boards, SUPs, bicycles and cargo boxes.

Ruff-Sport Trailer - Galvanized Finish for Kayak, Bicycle, and SUP

The Right-On Trailer Ruff-Sport Trailer is an attractive option with a silver steel which is fully galvanized. At under just 200 lbs. total weight, you can even tow this trailer with a golf cart if you need to. Don’t let its lightweight frame fool you as this trailer also has an astounding 400 lb. weight capacity, more than enough for what you can fit onto a single level.

It’s extremely versatile and far more efficient than lugging your gear along on a roof rack. Delivering the ideal size for transporting a fishing kayak, Right-On has attended to everything other than a slightly taxing assembly.

What We Like
Made of galvanized steel
Solid and reliable on the road
Easy to modify for different cargo

What We Don’t Like
Difficult to assemble
Takes a long time to assemble
Not as much space as other trailers

What's Included

The total length of this great trailer from the Right-On Trailer company is 11.5-feet. Your trailer arrives in four boxes and will need to be assembled. Fortunately, as with most Right-On Trailer hardware, the assembly is straightforward enough for almost anyone to accomplish but you may need to reread the manual once or twice first. There is a slight learning curve to assembly, making the Ruff Sport Trailer a little tricky to put together but nothing that a beginner can’t handle with patience.

It’s going to take longer to put together than other trailers but it’s worth it. You get a kayak trailer with a galvanized steel frame carrying large 4.8 x 12-inch wheels. The 64” crossbar supports all roof rack accessories. You’ll be able to use anything from popular brands like Yakama and Thule. The trailer features a locking tongue standard and comes standard with LED lights.

Who Is This Product For?

This is Right-On Trailer’s prime offering for those who want tip-top corrosion resistance to combat the effects of saltwater. Anyone who uses their kayak for fishing will love how long this trailer lasts, especially considering its affordability.

It’s compact but big enough to transport up to six kayaks at once, as long as they measure 16 ft. or shorter; long kayaks or watercraft measuring 17 ft. or more will be too long. This incidentally also makes it large enough to carry most canoes with ease. You can pull it behind any vehicle from SUVs to hybrids, large cars and small.

Due to the slightly complex assembly, this is not the trailer for those who hate building complicated devices. If you’re a novice who wants extreme ease of use, go for another option from Right-On Trailer or buy a kayak trailer which comes pre-assembled.

Without a doubt, the galvanized frame is one of the best features of this kayak trailer. Another upside is the large number of kayaks which can be carried. You don’t get a second tier but you can carry transport four kayaks or a canoe with ease. It also handles great over long distances and at high-speeds thanks to the soft springs supporting the sturdy frame.

With DOT certification, you’ll have no problems using it across interstate lines. If you’re hoping to mount bike racks from popular manufacturers such as Thule, Yakima or Malone, then all you’ll need to do is buy a second crossbar from the Right-On Trailer company and fit it in front of your fender. With this upgrade, you truly have a trailer for the outdoor/camping enthusiast and enough leeway to carry a number of bicycles and your kayaks.

Fully assembled, this Ruff Sport Trailer from Right-On Trailer has few faults if any. Once it’s up and running it supplies superb performance and stability and no further complications. You’ll never go for anything ungalvanized again once you’ve tried it but to get it to the point where it’s completely assembled takes patience and perhaps a few video tutorials.

The instruction manual leaves things rather ambiguous and we highly recommend that you YouTube a few tutorials to make sure that you don’t get lost during assembly. There are tons of instructional videos to help you thanks to the popularity of this affordable trailer. Most will find videos covering the writing and hub assembly to be the most helpful as everything else is quite simple.

As mentioned before, if you’re not mechanically minded then this may not be the best trailer for you. Alternate options such as Right-On Trailer’s Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak trailer are slightly cheaper but don’t come with the protection provided by the galvanized frame. Yet, if you’re going to be steering clear of salt water, then the multi-sport may actually be a better option.

Another viable possibility is the Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer. With its unbeatable J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers and its massive weight capacity alongside the 78” cross rails, this is the ultimate carrier for watersport fans. The only drawback is the considerably higher price but if you want the best you won’t be disappointed.

If you only own kayaks or a canoe and aren’t looking for a place to mount multiple bicycles, then the purchase of this trailer is a no-brainer. You can’t beat its price nor its performance. Assembly may be a bit annoying for some but at the blend of quality and price, it’s a worthy sacrifice for the saltwater and corrosion resistance.

Even if one adds an additional crossbar for bike transport, you still have a commendable total cost which is hard to compete with. For fishing kayaks, this is the perfect trailer. Between its great weight capacity, decent length, and accommodating crossbar with the option of purchasing a longer one, you cannot fault its value nor versatility.