Right-On Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer Review

right on trailer features

The Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer is an awesome option for anyone who needs to transport their kayaks, SUPs, canoes, bicycles or gear. It is large enough to handle two kayaks with ease and supports all roof rack accessories. From easy loading to the lightweight but rugged frame, you won’t be disappointed by this highly efficient trailer.

It’s utterly ideal for two to three kayaks and still leaves room for extras, unless you’ll be using all the space and transporting four.  Here we’ll be showing you what makes it a top pick, and who this excellent trailer is best suited to.

Multi-Sport Multi-Rack Kayak Trailer by Right On Durable Transporting Trailer for Kayaks, Sups, Canoes, Bicycles and More

Right-On Trailer is well known for their well-priced, attractive trailers which far exceed their cost in terms of quality. This trailer continues their standard of high-performance low-cost trailers for kayaks, canoes, and bicycles, delivering a way to transport your watercraft or bikes which costs a fraction of what most would expect. Customer support from Right-On Trailer is known to be top notch while each trailer ships far faster than the estimated delivery time. Right-On is a manufacturer which you can rely on.

What We Like
Sturdy and stable
Two tiers to fit lots of kayaks and gear
Shipped fast

What We Don’t Like
Have to purchase materials to put together
Long time for assembly
Coated metal scratches easily

What's Included

You get a 162-pound multi-sport trailer with two racks supplying a massive amount of room to transport your kayaks, canoes, and bicycles. Despite its sturdy composition and solid weight, the trailer is still easy enough to move enough by hand in the yard even when loaded. The 64” crossbars are a perfect fit to all roof rack accessories (fully supportive of brands such as Thule and Yakama), while the fender-to-fender distance measures just on 56”.

From axle to axle the trailer measures roughly 10 ft. while is ample for canoes or kayaks measuring up to 16 ft. You’re also given crystal-clear instructions and an assembly process which is straight-forward enough for even the technically inept to have their trailer up and running within just a few hours. The lighting is well-shielded, the frame is sturdy and structurally superb, and the tires are DOT certified for high speed.

Who Is This Product For?

This is a kayak trailer which is perfect for large families or anyone who has a large group of friends or colleagues who love the outdoors. The first thing that you’ll notice is just how much room this trailer from Right-On Trailer supplies. With room for no less than four kayaks on the bottom and six bicycles on top, this is a unit which makes for the best possible option for anyone owning a lot of outdoor equipment.

If you’re tired of roof racks and the string of problems which they bring, then this is the ultimate option, especially if you own kayaks and bicycles which need to come along on the adventure.

Right-On Trailer has done an impressive job of supplying a trailer which handles multiple kayaks and bikes with ease. Regardless of whether you’re loading three long kayaks or four junior ones, your trip transporting them will be smooth no matter whether you’re cruising along or rushing to get to your destination. It’s ideal for any trip regardless of if it’s just a short distance or 1,000 miles of traveling. Connecting the lights is just as easy as you’d hope.

They’re well insulated and the harness is positioned in such a way that it won’t nick easy. Using the J-shaped kayak carriers provided you can fit four boats with a fifth running directly in the center of the upper area if you buy an extra carrier. If you’re planning to carry only one or two kayaks, you’ll be happy to know that the top rack is fully removable.

Assembly is easy enough for one person to accomplish within anything between 3-5 hours at the most. However, if you want to make sure that you’ve got everything to put it together in one sitting, gather your tools beforehand. All you need is a socket set, an adjustable wrench (crescent wrench), plyers, a hammer, some tape, and a screwdriver.

Unlike many other trailers, there are only two sizes of bolts and you don’t need a deep socket set to reach most areas. Some are a little tight to reach but there’s nothing that you need specialized tools for. Also, make sure that you read the manual completely before beginning to assemble your kayak trailer.

There is an assembly step which could be misunderstood leaving you to dissemble a good chuck of your work in order before you’ll be able to tighten the longer bolts. If you read the whole manual first, you can’t go wrong.

One slight drawback to this otherwise outstanding trailer is the way that the frame is coated rather than being treated and galvanized. While problems won’t show up immediately, any scratches will eventually require a touch-up before your entire trailer begins to rust. This being said, the quality of the paint job is as good as would be expected and you’re unlikely to run into rust and corrosion problems anytime soon.

Nonetheless, if you want a trailer whose quality across the board leaves it free from wear-and-tear pitfalls, then consider going for something like Malone’s Micro-Sport Trailer. It has a slightly smaller form-factor and a higher price but you can’t fault the quality of construction nor its easy-affix features thanks to the Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers.

The combination of an unbeatable way to secure your kayak or canoe and the high-end manufacturing make it a clear winner but just a tad pricey for most.

This is an awesome option for anyone who participates in freshwater sport. Similarly, if you plan to transport your kayak or canoe to seawater and don’t mind working carefully to prevent damage and giving it a wipe down after, then it’ll treat you well with little chance of rust. It is affordable enough for outdoor enthusiasts who own but a single kayak and perhaps a bicycle to take along, but doesn’t fall short in terms of storage space.

Whether you’re loading kayaks or cargo, this trailer gives stability and ample area for loading. You can’t beat the ability to carry four kayaks and six bicycles all at once.