Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer Review

malone microsport kayak trailer

The Malone Auto Racks MicroSport Trailer gives you 4 Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers, superb durability, and an attractive easy-to-assemble design. From the pre-galvanized frame to the remarkable weight capacity and coating steel cross rails fitting most attachments, this is a long-lasting kayak trailer which should be considered by anyone who is serious about their watersport.

It’s the ultimate trailer for an enthusiast and works just as great as it looks. Here we’ll be taking you through a closer look at what makes this fantastic trailer from Malone one of the best kayak transports around.

Malone Auto Racks MicroSport 4-Boat FoldAway-J Kayak Trailer Package

If you’re the type of person who only buys the best and wants to be assured that they can’t be outshined, then this trailer from Malone Auto Racks is your only worthwhile option. The superior quality, premier galvanizing, and super-secure kayak carrier fittings come at a considerable cost which most enthusiasts will be happy to spend considering the quality.

Malone Auto Racks have cut no corners when manufacturing their high-end MicroSport trailer. Your carriers are covered by a well-honored extended guarantee while the entire frame clearly exhibits its quality from the moment you lay eyes on this trailer. Assembly is far easier than competing options while the fully assembled unit has performance and longevity which is second to none.


What We Like

  • Very well made and doesn’t sway
  • Hooks and unhooks easily from vehicle
  • Extended heavy-duty tongue for longer items

What We Don’t Like

  • No parts list with instructions
  • Have to request title paperwork
  • License plate holder is plastic

What's Included

You get a trailer with a pre-galvanized steel frame which measures 78-inches wide by 164-inches long. The entire unit arrives in five boxes which everything needed sealed. Support is provided by 78” coating steel cross rails with a 2-inch hitch which is a size that accommodates almost all attachments. The base trailer itself weighs 197 pounds with a top-end capacity of 350 pounds.

Four Malone J-Pro2 Kayak Carriers each with a 5-year warranty give the trailer the capability of comfortably handling 4 kayaks. Two tie-down straps for each holder secure your kayaks, while each holder can be individually removed as well. Finally, you get a spare tire and an assembly process which takes well under four hours for even a beginner to accomplish.

Who Is This Product For?

The small size of this well-manufactured kayak trailer makes it easy to tow using any vehicle large or small. It’s the ideal trailer for anyone who owns two or more watercraft as is the case with the average family who hits the water together.

If you’re an owner of multiple kayaks and a few mountain or racing bikes, then you should really consider this as your optimal option. It is easier to use than a roof rack (improving your fuel efficiency) and far more comfortable and simpler to tie down your kayaks. No matter whether you’re fitting one kayak or four, or a combination of watercraft and bikes, Malone’s trailer always delivers extreme ease of use and stability.

The rear load bar is stable enough for kayaks and bikes but don’t try placing more weight on it. Cargo can be loaded but taking care not to exceed your weight. Anyone who owns a kayak of up to 18-feet will find great value from this kayak trailer but it’s a little too pricey for anyone who’ll be transporting just one alone.

Malone has put together a very sturdy trailer (just like its Malone kayak carts) whose quality is clean from the get-go. It rides extremely well handling high speeds and any combination of bumps and turns. It’s just as good on the highway as it is on a dirt road. Everything that you need arrives sealed in its own box or packet and there are few aspects of its design which can truly be criticized.

The detailed instruction manual literally covers every part of putting this kayak trailer together and you need a minimal toolset to pull it off. The lighting kit uses bulbs and while basic, it is easy to hook up and of a decent quality. Whether you’re hauling kayaks, paddleboats or any other type of watercraft, you’re be pleasantly surprised by just how well (and easily) the Malone J-Pro 2 carriers work.

Before you begin assembly then make sure that you get a deep socket wrench handy. It’s one of the only tools that are essential but using a standard one is possible but quite difficult. As a MicroSport Trailer, this offering from Malone is quite versatile. If you remove the load bars you can easily carry ski equipment, canoes, bike carriers or cargo boxes.

Another factor to keep in mind is that the load bars are the only area of this trailer’s design which could use work. Don’t put too much weight on the rear load bar but this only becomes a consideration when carrying cargo. There are no hassles when transporting kayaks, canoes, ski equipment or bikes

Shopping around will lead you to trailers which cost almost half the price but you can also only expect them to last a fraction of the time that a Malone trailer will. Reliable alternatives include the well-priced mid-range kayak trailers from Right-On Trailer. The Right-On Trailer Multi-Sport Multi-Rack is a great choice for those who own multiple kayaks and need to transport bicycles at the same time, especially if you’re not worried about corrosion and saltwater.

Yet, if an additional elevated rack is not needed then Right-On’s alternate option is another possibility; it delivers the added benefit of galvanizing which comes close to the marine quality of Malone is the Right-On Trailer Ruff-Sport. It’s cheaper and better for fishing than anything ungalvanized but you’ll need an extra crossbar before you can carry bicycles.

Between the tip-top highway handling, solid construction, galvanizing which keeps your trailer protected from rust and corrosion no matter what, and well-thought-out finishing touches such as a faultless assembly manual, this is one of the best kayak trailers available. It handles highways like no other trailer and doesn’t even bounce around when empty.Very few competitors can come close to the quality and practicality of the J-Pro carriers while when fitted to this trailer you have a solution which will not falter in any way. Your trailer always runs straight and stable while clearly conveying a sense of style and quality to all onlookers.