Best Kayak Cart In 2019- Reviews And Buyer's Guide

kayaks on the beach

Stop dragging your kayak around! Get one of these handy, cute, and portable little kayak carts instead. They definitely make the trek between the parking lot and the cool lake water a lot easier, faster, and quicker.

Kayak carts help save your back and help you spend more time in the water enjoying your kayak! These are the five best kayak carts of 2019 (for transporting your kayak please see our article on best kayak trailer reviews here).

TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley
TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

You can fit up to 150 pounds’ worth of your favorite kayak or canoe on this rugged, small, and handy Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley. It assembles easily and also breaks down just as easily to be stored in the back of your vehicle before taking to the water’s edge.

Product Highlights

This Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley has a solid metal frame made out of aluminum pipe that is also lightweight. There are two arms complete with foam bumpers to protect your canoes and kayaks from scratching; it’s 13” between the arms. The large tires measure 9.5” in diameter and are 3.5” wide. It has a support stand which keeps it propped up onshore, providing stability both when you’re tying on the kayak and untying it.

What’s Not To Like About The Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley By TMS

There’s a lot to like about this kayak cart. It only weighs 8 pounds total, so you can easily move it. It transports any single canoe or kayak from the parking lot to the lake very simply. The towing capacity is 150 pounds, and it comes with 12-foot tie down straps for extra security. The foldable frame means you can store it in a small space, like a garage or car trunk.

There’s a double leg kickstand, stainless steel fasteners, and chrome lynch pins. It’s not just for kayaks or canoes – you can also use it for paddle boards and sailboards. The price point is also great, too. For less than $50, you save your back and it will hold up for years.

What’s Not To Like About The Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley By TMS

There are some negatives with this Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley. The tires do have that ‘rubbery’ smell that’s common with vehicle tires. Some have reported that the included straps aren’t of high quality, so you’d probably want to replace those or supplement them with bungee cords. It rolls well, but isn’t the best when it comes to very sandy terrain at the beach. The wheels could stop rolling. There are some issues with tire breakage, too.


  • checkLightweight and durable
  • checkComes with straps
  • checkFolds down for storage


  • Tires have bad smell
  • Straps aren’t high quality
  • Not good rolling in sand
TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley
Bonnlo Kayak Cart Trolley Canoe Paddle Board Boat Cart Carrier Dolly with 12' Big Beach Wheels Balloon Kayak Transport Wheels Cart Foldable, Free Pump, 2 Ratchet Straps- Perfect for Soft Sand (Red)

A high-strength anodized steel frame and black and yellow wheels make this Bonnlo Kayak Cart one of the best for hauling your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, sailboard, or floating mat. There’s a 150 pound weight limit, and the tires are nice and thick to handle both the weight and any bumpy terrain between your vehicle and the beach.

Product Highlights

You can fold away this compact and sturdy little Kayak Cart. It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require tools. It also can be taken apart for winter storage or to fit in the back of your vehicle. There are two arms with thick foam to balance your kayak, and the large no-flat airless tires measure 10” in diameter and are 3” wide. It comes with not just 12-foot spare tiedown straps, but also two 5 foot bungee cords.

What’s To Like About The Kayak Cart By Bonnlo

The tires on this Kayak Cart are great for any terrain as you wheel it to the edge of the water. The tires do not have a strong rubber smell. Since there’s enough room, you could put a tandem kayak on this cart. The easy setup will have you out of the car, unpacked, the kayak strapped down, and rolling in minutes.

A kickstand keeps it sturdy for strapping down the kayak. The straps are well made to keep the kayak tied down. With the kayak properly tied, there’s no sliding and it rolls smoothly along.

What’s Not To Like About The Kayak Cart By Bonnlo

There is a small structural problem built into this kayak cart, where a brittle plastic T-shaped connector can break off the wheel-bearing tube. Those quick release pins and connecting bolts aren’t metal. Also, the strap is of good quality, but the clip isn’t and is flimsier. The kickstand folds down towards the wheels instead of up, which would give more ground clearance.


  • checkAnodized steel frame
  • checkGreat tires with no smell
  • checkEasy to set up


  • Brittle plastic parts
  • Poor kickstand design
  • Parts are plastic, not metal
Bonnlo Kayak Cart Trolley Canoe Paddle Board Boat Cart Carrier Dolly with 12' Big Beach Wheels Balloon Kayak Transport Wheels Cart Foldable, Free Pump, 2 Ratchet Straps- Perfect for Soft Sand (Red)
RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

By the looks of this little Kayak & Canoe Cart, it’s rugged enough to handle any terrain and any size kayak. Built for stability and with its all-terrain wheels, this kayak cart has great features that will see you through many outdoor adventure trips.

Product Highlights

This kayak cart by C-Tug is actually quite lightweight, only weighing 10 pounds. It has a 300-pound total loading capacity for your kayak and all the gear. There’s a striking black and neon green color scheme. It’s made out of non-corroding engineering polymers, and the reinforced axles are stainless steel.

What’s To Like About The Kayak & Canoe Cart By C-Tug

There’s no tools needed to assemble this little cart. You can get it out of the box and put together in minutes. It also dismantles equally easily. The rubberized pads cushion your kayak from bumps and jostles, making for a smooth and easy ride between your car and your destination.

The pads swivel to accommodate a variety of gear and are reasonably sticky to grip. It also comes with sturdy cam straps. The wheels are made of secondary molded rubber. The single strap system works really well to keep your kayak or canoe firmly in place.

What’s Not To Like About The Kayak & Canoe Cart By C-Tug

Unlike some other models, this kayak cart is not foldable to break down for storage. It doesn’t have any bungee cords. Also, there’s no kickstand to prop it up. It’s also made out of plastic, while sturdier models are made from metal.


  • checkLightweight and rugged
  • checkPads for holding your kayak on top
  • checkStraps keep kayak in place


  • Doesn’t fold down for storage
  • No kickstand to prop it up
  • Made of plastic, not metal
RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

When shopping for a kayak cart that has all the features you need to transport it, then try out this Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley from CALHOME. It’s well made, sturdy, has great wheels, and can be propped up with the kickstand while you strap your canoe or kayak on top.

Product Highlights

You get up to 150 pounds of towing capacity with this versatile kayak cart. It comes with 12-foot tiedown straps to secure your kayak or canoe firmly in place. The boats rest on top of two sturdy foam bumper arms that prevent them from sliding. The frame is made of solid metal, and the large tires measure 9.5” in diameter and 3.5” wide.

What’s To Like About The Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley By CALHOME

This is a folding model of kayak carts, which are definitely more convenient than non-folding ones. You can store this one quickly, and it also pops open to rest on its kickstand. The frame is made of aluminum pipe and anodized stainless steel, with stainless steel fasteners and a chrome lynch pin. There is a spring-loaded stand to prop it up while you’re putting the kayak on or taking it off to put it in the water. It’s easy to assemble, sturdy, and light, too.

What’s Not To Like About The Kayak Canoe Carrier Trolley By CALHOME

There’s lots to like about this Kayak Cart from CALHOME, but it’s got some negatives. It doesn’t do as well in sand, because the tires sink down and don’t roll. Also, there’s problems with kayaks sliding and the included straps not holding them tightly;  you’ll want to get better straps. This cart also doesn’t seem to balance kayaks as well as other models.


  • checkLightweight and foldable
  • checkGreat flat-free tires
  • checkKickstand to prop it up


  • Not good in sand
  • Strap doesn’t hold tightly
  • Balance issues
Malone Auto Racks Malone Scupper Kayak Cart

If your kayak comes equipped with scupper holes, then give this Scupper Kayak Cart a try. It’s easy to use and has a 200-pound load capacity for your kayaks. Two large wheels keep it balanced, and the scupper poles right up into your kayak.

Product Highlights

This Scupper Kayak Cart has a variable width locking control that adjusts between 6.5” and 16.5” to fit your kayak. The frame is made of non-corrosive aluminum. Huge 10” diameter tires are airless, made of thick rubber, and won’t go flat.

What’s To Like About The Scupper Kayak Cart By Malone Auto Racks

The scupper design is great, because the poles go into the scupper holes and the kayak weight is supported on the cart. Just use the kayak handle to steer, with no straps necessary. This kayak cart is lightweight for its size and can be easily taken in and out of a car trunk space or garage. Malone offers great warranties on their products.

What’s Not To Like About The Scupper Kayak Cart By Malone Auto Racks

This kayak cart doesn’t do well on a steep boat ramp when you’re trying to either put it in position or take it out. It’s not good for steep launch areas, and the kayak tilts on to one side. The wheels aren’t spaced wide enough. It’s better for sit-on-top kayaks. Also, the screws can strip, so you might want better screws. The rubber fittings sink so deeply into the scuppers that they’re difficult to remove.


  • checkNo need for straps
  • checkFits right into scupper holes
  • checkLightweight


  • Kayak tilts
  • Not good for steep launches
  • Screws can strip


The Kayak & Canoe Cart by C-Tug definitely gets our vote for the best. It’s rubberized pads naturally cushion your kayak, and the included straps will keep your boat from slipping off those pads.

If you’re in the market for a different option, our second pick would be the Kayak Cart by Bonnlo. It also has awesome features. Now, get your new kayak cart and get outdoors (how about kayaking in the Chicago River, or Anchorage, Alaska?) to have some fun!